A bug spray from a mosquito pest control Phoenix company can be the safest, most efficient way to keep those flying biting insects mosquitoes away from you.

Also, you can find different types of bug repellents that you apply to your skin, clothing or other surfaces that repel bus and other pests from going to that surface.

In fact, these repellents are readily available based on sound production, specifically the ultrasound. True enough, these mosquito repellents help prevent the outbreak of insect-borne diseases such as malaria, West Nile fever, Bubonic Plague, and dengue fever.

According to many researches and studies, synthetic insect repellents tend to be long-lasting and more effective compared to those natural repellents.

Although there are DEET products that are also very effective, synthetic repellents can give instant, effective relief as well.

Is natural bug spray more effective than DEET products? According to a 2012 study, soy-based products are found to be the most effective natural alternative to DEET.

In fact, this type of insect repellent can offer you more than 90 minutes of protection when out for outdoor activities. Soy-based products are indeed better than low-concentration DEET products.

Another bug spray found to be very effective is the oil of lemon eucalyptus. This oil comes from the eucalyptus tree which is then recommended as one of the best alternatives to DEET.

According to various studies, this type of insect repellent can work best for ticks and other pests. Along with the use of this insect repellent, you should bear in mind that this oil spray should not be used on children below 3 years old.

However, if you wish to repel insect-carrying diseases, you can use DEET products. If you decide to use DEET insect repellent, you must consistently remind yourself that it can affect your nervous system.

In fact, health organizations strongly recommend the use of DEET products with no more than 30 percent concentration of DEET.

Remember not to apply these insect repellents to kids younger than 2 months. If you are staying indoor, you can use insect repellent with a lower concentration of DEET. Preferably, you can use DEET products with a 10 percent concentration.

When using bug spray, you have to consider some important things. First, you need to use long sleeves and pants as this can be the best way to protect yourself from these insects. You need to cover your legs and arms.

When out on the porch, you can use a fan as mosquitoes have problems maneuvering in wind. When it comes to environmental control, you have to eliminate standing water in your courtyard.

This will prevent mosquitoes from breeding just anywhere. Another effective way to repel mosquitoes is the use of citronella candles.

Bug zappers can also protect you from mosquito bites. Traps can give off carbon dioxide can mimic a breathing animal or person thus help you attract and trap these mosquitoes.

Wherever you go, you have to protect yourself from these mosquitoes as they are everywhere.

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